Sociology is the study of human social relationships and behaviour. The department covers a wide range of topics such as family, crime, human rights, social inequalities and more. Sociologists excel in gathering information, analyzing data and developing an understanding about social processes. Students within this discipline are taught to understand the social world, how it works and how it might be changed for the better.

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Psychology is the scientific of the human mind. The department cirriculum is based on experimentation, and observation of human and animal behaviour. Psychology includes topics such as drugs and behaviour, child psychology, cognitive, clinical, abnormal and more. This program introduces students to theory, methods and application of their acquired psychological knowledge.



This program encompasses a variety of topics including: aboriginal societies,  patterns of settlement, the Renaissance, rock ‘n’ roll, slavery, women studies and much more. Students are aided in developing communication, written and oral skills while preparing these abilities to assist after graduation. This department uses an interdisciplinary approach to provide students with a comprehensive education.

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The University of Toronto has an award winning program listed as #7 on Maclean’s top english programs. This department includes the study of literature throughout history, from classical Shakespeare to contemporary Tolkien. While studying history and culture through written texts this program aims to develop students comprehension, analytical and application skills. This department has developed a variety of new literary areas of study including Victorian, Native North American and children’s literature.  

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“Anthropology is concerned with the unity and diversity of humanity (and related primates) and of human culture and society from a comparative and global perspective.” (University of Toronto) Students are assisted with research about a variety of locations and topics comprising the four disciplines of anthropology; the subdisciplines include physical, linguistics, sociocultural and archaeology. This department teaches students historical and contemporary frameworks, application of these theories and methods to apply in the field. The skills obtained within this department have wide applicability internal and external to academics.


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